We help Students transition to Scholars and Achieve their Goals.

Unlocking Potential, One Student at a Time

  • Regionally, Nationally & Internationally Accredited
  • Award-Winning Curriculum
  • Student Centered
  • Classes Available 24/7
  • Adults 13-year Graduation Rate = 96%
  • K12  13-year Promotion Rate = 100%
  • K12 13-year Graduation Rate = 100%
Home school award

Celebrating 13 years of successful
online learning.

Texas Success Academy was the feature school in the
FACeBook Watch TV Show-SKAM Austin Week S1-7 @ # 36.58

Attend College with Accredited Online Education
  •  No student wants to fail. The struggle is real when you don't fit the traditional mold or when you desperately need individualized support but fear speaking up.  What if your brilliance is overshadowed by a one-size-fits-all system? What if age becomes a barrier rather than a number?"
  • How do you feel when you are put on the spot to answer questions, but are not given enough time to answer? What if you have test anxiety? What if you need to stretch your legs or need to move around to work?
  • How can we help? Texas Success Academy, where we offer a fully accredited online program that provides a flexible and personalized approach to education for students who want to take control of their future and achieve their academic goals. If doesn't matter your background or your past, we are here to help you reach your full potential. Join the thousands of students who have graduated from our program and start on the path to success today.. 

We have a program to fit your needs.

Adult High School Diploma

Texas Success Academy Successful Graduate

Our Promise to you is that...
You Will Graduate

if you don't give up.

All students are treated with respect and dignity.

Online Programs 

Elementary, Middle School, High School,
Dropout Recovery & Partnerships

Take Classes at the time that is right for you

Full-Time & Part-Time
Credit Recovery 
(Recovery Failed Credits)
Individual Classes
Summer School


Home School
A-G Courses Approved through the University of California
Earn your high school diploma & Associate Degree 

Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Meet New Friends Online
Learn One Concept at a Time
Teacher Led Groups
One-to-One Live Teacher


We have Christian beliefs and values and believe Luke 1:37 “For Nothing is impossible with God.”

Mark Your Life with Excellence and Integrity.

Texas Success Academy
Educating Students Across the Country and Internationally

Academy Hours 9:00 am to 5:30 pm CST  Monday- Friday
Close from 1:00 to 1:30 pm CST  for Lunch Monday-Friday
Classes available 24/7

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