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Guided by our Faith and Belief in God, We Treat All Students with Love, Dignity and Respect.  

Texas Success Academy believes that students should learn in a bully-free and judge free environment and we show God's love through how we interact with students, parents and our stakeholders.  

Education for All, Success for All

TSA Exam Results are better than the national average!

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Texas Success Academy was founded in 2011 by educators who saw a need for online education for all students. Texas Success Academy was the first online school to offer one-to-one teacher instruction and an online activities teacher. Our focus has always been student success and academic achievement. Texas Success Academy offers a diverse curriculum from K12 to Adults, from SPED/504, AP®, NCAA and College Credits. We have a program to fit your needs.

 I was able to learn and retain what I learned at TSA. I feel smarter and more confident. This school has opened so many doors for me. I can't wait to see what my future holds. 

Texas Success Academy Prepares Students for Success.

We offer
Flexible Schedules for those who have outside professional activities or need more time to start their day.

A rigorous
College Prep curriculum that allows students to advance academically with AP® / Honors courses to prepare them for college and career.

We support
Students who Struggle academically and socially with a wide variety of courses with interventions to help build the foundation to move forward successfully.

Texas Success Academy's
Online Activities help students engaged in meaningful relationships and build confidence while sharing in projects. Students participate in Field Trips online and in person as well as several school-wide activities throughout the year.

God's love for our students

What is a Biblical Worldview?

  • Everyone has an opinion, even God. A biblical worldview elevates God’s opinion above all others, seeing it as the very definition of truth. The Bible guides us, not our culture. 2 Peter 1:20-21

  • Knowing the truth is one thing; submitting to it is another. Christians with a biblical worldview allow the Bible to be authoritative in their everyday lives. They come to God on his terms, not their own. 2 Timothy 3:16

  • The story of the Bible – as with the Christian life itself – is about a relationship with God and with people. Christians with a biblical worldview are pursuers of God, not just students of the Bible. Matthew 22:37-39

    What does the Bible say about biblical worldview?

    The final objective of a biblical worldview is love for God, love for others, and submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The Bible reveals the existence of God (Gen 1:1) and portrays Him as Creator (Gen 1:1-2:25). It also reveals His character, what He has done in history, what He is doing now and what He will do in the future. 

    Taken from

  • Texas Success Academy's Biblical Worldview

    Texas Success Academy (TSA) is a Private Institution that believes in second chances and values the importance of grace for all. Here at TSA, we know that God is the primary and sole source of all great accomplishments and knowing this allows us to inspire others to do great works just as our Lord and Savior. Students are never given more than they can bare, which includes but is not limited to coursework loads, concepts, and social-emotional barriers. At TSA, students gain a solid foundation built and filled with principles that guide servant leaders for lifetime achievement. Our Biblical worldview is incorporated into student instruction and interactions in all aspects of its Educational structure. 

    The primary objective of the Biblical worldview is to inspire and encourage everyone by reflecting on God’s Word/hearing testimonies.  TSA incorporates the bible and its principles in all courses and in every grade level.

    Statement of Faith

    We Believe: Our Core Values

    We believe in God and are led by His teachings. 

    We believe that everyone is created equal and should be treated with dignity and respect.

    We believe that we must treat each person without discrimination.

    We believe that God provides support and teachings as He did in the Bible. 

    We support students with God's love and provide them with Grace and Mercy as God provides this for us. 

    We believe that Jesus died and rose on the third day and we are saved by the confession of our sins.

    Our Mission

    Texas Success Academy Private High School is committed to student success by focusing on maximizing individual student achievement while providing a flexible schedule for a diverse population that leads to graduation.

    Our Purpose / Vision

    Texas Success Academy serves three purposes for students within the virtual learning walls.
    1) To help students increase self-esteem, self-confidence, respect, and feel powerful in a social setting and educational environment
    2) To build support and personal growth in students while in and out of the school environment
    3) To provide an alternative educational setting for students who strive to complete their high school diploma in a safe environment.

    Our Ethical Code of Conduct

    The Code of Ethical Conduct provides guidelines for appropriate behavior and toleration. Texas Success Academy’s ethical standards are guided by core values that are deeply rooted in the history of educational importance for students of all ages. Core Values include but are not limited to providing exceptional education to all students, ensuring student success, and appropriate treatment of all students and parties associated with Texas Success Academy.

    Texas Success Academy creates life long learners with our teaching strategies


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