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Can I Call You?

Are you Accredited?

How can I enroll?

How can I send my school records or transcript?

What programs do you offer?

Do you have age limits?

Will I get a GED or a high school diploma?

Is the Curriculum Online or do I need to buy books?

Can I attend college or enter the military when I graduate?

Do I have to come to classes, I live out of state?

Can I just come in and take a Test and Earn my High School Diploma?

Where can I find your classes?

How do I log into my classes?

Where's the app for my classes I can download on my phone?

How long does it take to receive my classes once I enroll? (K-12 students)

What's a typical day like for a K-12 student?

Do I select my own classes?

How long does it take to complete a class/classes or semester? 

What are parent's responsibilities? 

Do I take my exams online?

How can I pay tuition?

Can I participate in the Graduation Ceremony?

What awards do students receive?

How to I contact my teacher?

How long does it take to receive my transcript and diploma?

What are Texas Success Academy Hours?

How can I call or contact someone at Texas Success Academy?

I need a Verification of Enrollment ?

I am on the old system, how do I stop the auto-pay?

I need to re-enroll, what do I do?


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