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Learn About Texas Success Academy and Why we started this Award-Winning Online School

We started Texas Success Academy from our hearts. We are not a group of Investors, but true Educators and that is what makes the difference. Our students are RockStar!!

Texas Success Academy is dear to our hearts, because our Director (Dr. C S Chappell) experienced going back to school with her eldest daughter and getting her Bachelor’s degree in one year, her Master’s in one year and receiving a full three year scholarship to get her Doctoral degree.

When we say, “It’s never too late to get your education,” it’s because of our experiences. We believe in education.

Our students are from special education to Advanced Placement™ and gifted and talented and they all succeed.

Here's why I started TSA...
As a Bilingual/ESL Teacher to a Principal, I was in the trenches with students. I remember one time when I was an Assistant Principal and the data stated that our third grade bilingual students failed their benchmarks. I knew I could help them, especially when over 95% of all my students passed their exams. You know what I did? I pulled small groups and worked with them. It didn't matter that my title didn't say "Teacher", I wanted to do what was BEST for all students. I have worked with all learning styles and they all want the same thing - to learn in a stress-free environment with people who truly care about them. This is why I started Texas Success Academy, to make sure we are doing what's Best for Students.

Highlights of my public education career:
~Became a Demonstration Teacher my second year teaching
~Unacceptable Elementary school went to the TEA Recognized Title within a year under my leadership
~As a Bilingual/ESL teacher, over 98% of my students passed their state required exams in Spanish
Dr. Lisa Chappell, holds degrees in Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice, Paralegalism, Spanish, College Teaching, Student Personnel Services, Professional Development in Education and Counseling, Communication and Management.

Here's why I started Texas Success Academy, because so many students were failing between the cracks and I didn't want those students to be lost, I wanted them to still have a chance and graduate outside a brick and mortar school. I had a Prep Academy in the late 80's for ages two, three and four years and we realized that a child didn't need an entire day to catch a concept. You just had to use different strategies. Our students skipped Kindergarten and entered First grade. Now that’s amazing. Our one concept way or learning has worked well for our students. I also know that failing one exam shouldn't stop your life and we don't allow an exam to stop your life. We help you understand that you are more than an exam. We teach for life, not for an exam. Now our students love Science and understand math. I have taught babies to college students and I love each one of them. This is why I started Texas Success Academy.

Highlights of my Private and Public school career:
~My PreK students went to First Grade instead of Kindergarten
~Created several creative programs for Middle School students
~Help set the foundation for the Advertising, Commercial Writing, Newspaper Writing courses at a local Community College
~Created several Speech Courses that had wait list for students to enter  my out-of-the-box classes

Dr. C S Chappell holds degrees in Liberal Arts, Speech Communications, English, College Teaching, Student Personnel Services and Educational Leadership

Texas Success Academy creates life long learners with our teaching strategies

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Our Mission

Texas Success Academy Private High School is committed to student success by focusing on maximizing individual student achievement while providing a flexible schedule for a diverse population that leads to graduation


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