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We at Texas Success Academy hold ourselves to a high standard of professional conduct.

We established this code of conduct to be transparent regarding our expectations for our teams, parents, and students who are a part of the TSA family.

We required that when one interacts with staff, teachers, students, and administrators, to treat each person with respect. Any issue will be resolved in a mutually respected environment.

Please be advised that we take our Code of Conduct seriously. Before you violate the code.
2.Take a Deep Breathe
3.Calm Down (Know that we are here to help you)
4.Reach out to the Office Manager, Christi Pierce
1-817-472-1117 Ext 107

5.If it has not been resolve-Stop, take a deep breath, calm down
6.Reach out to Dr. Lisa Chappell for assistance
1-817-472-1117 Ext 103
1-877-623-3005 Ext 103

Student Expectations
1.  Treat everyone with respect. We respect everyone, which includes students in your classes, parents in online meetings, faculty, teachers, academy teams.

2.  Students are expected to abide by the academic integrity guidelines listed in your school handbook.

3.  Students should not create a false relationship with Texas Success Academy.

4.  Students are responsible for reading all policies, including the terms and conditions, enrollment forms, emails, texts, teacher notes, and updates provided from Texas Success Academy. Many updates including school closings or holidays are found on our Facebook page.

5.  Texas Success Academy is your school. You should never lie or threaten the school, school personnel, or staff on any social media platforms online or offline, known or unknown. Students should never write false claims againist the Texas Success Academy.


Consequences depend on the severity of the action and can include the following:

Two weeks
One month

~Academic withdraw
One semester

~Administratively withdrawn- Full Expulsion


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