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Credit Recovery

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Credit Recovery allow students who did not pass a course the first or second time (or more), be able to earn the credit for middle and high school students. Students are able to take courses year-round at Texas Success Academy.

Credit Recovery is open for traditional 6th - 12th grade students, who need to recover credits that they failed. Students can take classes in the Fall, Spring or Summer.

Take as many credit recovery credits as needed.

We work with several school districts across the State and US.

You will have teachers to help you recover your credit(s).
These classes will be transferred back to your current school.

Students are able to recover their credits  at home with Texas Success Academy

100% Student Success Rate

Course List for Credit Recovery

Registration and Tuition

    Registration                          =$100.00
1/2 Credit Semester A or B       = $150.00
1 Credit Semester A & B           = $300.00

*Also 2 and 4 Quarters are available

Allow time for the receiving school to update the student records. 

Accredited Online Learning helps students be successful and retain what they learned.
Technical Requirements

High School Credit Approval Form (If Required by Your High School)

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