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Records Request 

*New Requirements: Before you Request to Graduate or to receive Records, contact your Advisor to ensure you have met all the requirements. You Advisor will inform you when you are ready to Request Records.

Records Request
Summer School / Individual Classes Credit Recovery & 

Request your transcript online

Request to Graduate 
This places you on the list to receive your transcript and diploma as a NEW High School Graduate.

Congrats Grad cap of students who graduation from high school

Texas Success Academy Graduate
Are you a Graduate of TSA? Then request your records.

Gain access to Alumni Records and request your transcript and diploma

New Policy 07/2017
Transcripts will be mailed during the following months:
Finish Classes in Jan-May ~Transcripts will be mailed by June 15th
Finish Classes in June or July~ Transcripts will be mailed by August 15th
Finish Classes in August - December ~ Transcripts will be mailed on December 19th.
08/17/2020 * unless classes were completed on Dec. 19th. Then it will be mailed on or by January 10th.

We try to mail transcripts out weekly, but we have specific times per year that are official mailings.

Update Policy 01/2021 
Transcripts and Diplomas are sent out the third Wednesday of each month. 

Rush/Expedited Services
Allows us to put your transcripts and diploma next in line. Our expected time frame is three to five days if you have submitted all the requirements. 

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Adult Students prior 02/08/20
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