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  • 100% Online
  • Accredited and Accepted
  • Take classes on Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop 
  • We accept all your credits from an accredited school
  • Flexible Schedule, Self-Paced and Classes Available 24/7 and Tutoring available 24/7 (24/7 tutoring US ONLY)
  • Great for Working Students
  • Earn up to 3 Credits for Working
  • Teachers, Advisors and Success Coaches Help Students Succeed
  • Our students get Jobs and go to College, it's your choice
Full Scholarship Texas Success Academy

Open to learners around the world

Jade received a Full-Scholarship to college after graduating from TSA.

Texas Success Academy helps students accomplish their dreams. You can still earn your diploma from an award-winning school, with an excellent reputation.

Adult learners are able to graduate and attend College or University with a diploma from TSA. If you need your diploma for a better job, we can help you as well.

TSA Graduates, go to the Military as we are a Tier 1 school. Check with DADES to see if you can receive educational benefits to pay for school. We also accept employers who pay for their employees.

Adult Online High School Diploma 

Testimony for TSA adult program

Education Made for Adult Learners

Struggled in School? No problem we can help you earn your diploma.

We have several students who graduated from TSA, who never thought they would earn their high school diploma, but you can with help from teachers, tutors and success coaches.

Earn your Diploma on Your Terms

Tuition and Benefits
Registration is non-refundable fee of $100.00
Scholarships Available 

No large down payments, just start with $100 down and $50 per month or Pay in Full.
Earn up to 3 credits for working!
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Program 1


Program 2

High School DIPLOMA

Program 3
Pathways to Success 

Have all Your Credits

✓Graduate from TSA go to community college and then transfer to a 4-Year University

USE FOR Community College, Career/Trade School or Job

✓ 22 Credits are the minimum requirements to Graduate.

$1200 Payment Plan
$1000 Paid in Full (Save $200)

✓ Graduate from TSA and go directly to a 4-year University.


Additional Classes Required:
1Math, 1 Science, and 2 Foreign languages in the same language.

✓ 26 Credits are the recommended requirements to Graduate.


$1400 Payment Plan
$1200 Paid in Full (Save $200


USE FOR Community college, university or job depending on your credits.

✓You will take a few courses to help you with deciding on a career or job. 

Extra 1/2 Credits are $50.00 each.

$600 Payment Plan

$500 Paid in Full (Save $100)

Additional Fees
Career Diploma (Optional)
HVAC: $750

Graduate and get a job in HVAC - Speak to Admissions if Interested

Foreign Language
$100 per credit

Graduation Request: 
Includes Diploma,1 Copy of a Transcript and 2 Official Sealed Transcripts.

*The Payment Plans allows you to take classes and when you have completed the first set of classes, keep paying your monthly payment or pay for the classes you took and start your last set of classes.

Tuition may change without notice; please check this page for current pricing.

A student of an adult high school diploma program
Adult High School Diploma Online

Refund Policy:
Registration is non-refundable fee of $100.
You have 5 days from the day you receive your username and password to request to cancel enrollment if you have not started your classes
After 5 days or you start your classes, no refunds will be given as you have access to all digital class material.

I have ALL my credits, but didn't graduate, what do I do?
Click Here to learn more about the Pathways to Success Program

This is why we love what we do...See what Graduates Say about TSA

We help students around the world. 

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