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Tuition and Fees 2022-2023 School Year
K-12, Credit Recovery, Individual Classes, Summer School, International and Adult Learners
Cost of school

Tuition will increase on 09/15/2022


You missed out!

* If your child is still working on classes into the next session, you will have to pay for the next session or Full year.

Credit Recovery Grades (6th - 12th) /Individual Classes  (K-12)/Summer School (K12)
Registration $100.00 (One time per academic year)
1 Credit $300.00
1/2 Credit $150.00

Adult Tuition

Adult Programs

Paid in Full Price

Payment Plan

Payment Plans


If you have
0 to 10th grade credits



$110 $50 Down
payments as low as $50 per month

 Max  1 year

If you ave

11th and 12th grade credits



$110 $50 Down
payments as low as $50 per month

Max 1 year

If you have
ALL your credits or ONLY need 2 credits



$110 $50 Down
payments as low as $50 per month

Max 1 year

                                                        Adult Student Time Frame Explanation

Classes available 24/7                                              
 365 available for class time        

Graduation Ceremony in June 2020  $100 Canceled Due to COVID19

This fee is for the graduation gown, cap, tassel and 5 graduation tickets.

Students will receive the graduation information page once they enroll.
Min number of students needed to hold the graduation ceremony is 20 graduates.

Transcript Evaluation

Not sure how many credits you have? Request a transcript evaluation.

$50.00 (We will evaluate your transcript prior to enrolling. Once you enroll, we will deduct the $50.00 from your last payment.)  Here's the Form

Additional Fees

$10.00 each (after receiving two when you graduate)
$5.00 each for (Summer School)

$25.00 replacement fee

Expedited Services (Rush Services needed ASAP)
Please allow 2 days.
Transcript, Diplomas, and Letters $100.00

Deferred Dream ACT/Dream ACT Letters
Forms for Immigration $100.00 (Education verification completed for your lawyer or agency. We have a 100% success rate.)

Postage (includes USPS tracking)

Late Fees
$30 each time

Charge back or NSF Bank returns
$30 each time

Reprogram your Password after it has been reset for nonpayment

Verification of Education for Driver's License or Permit
1 Free per semester
$5.00 each

K12 Extensions (3 months)
Extending year from 10 months to 13

Adult Extensions 
All Programs
3 Months $350
6 months $700

Payment of Costs and Fees
You have 5 days from the day you receive your username and password to request to cancel enrollment if you have not started your classes. After 5 days, no refunds will be given and your total tuition will be owed.

Your financial obligation to Texas Success Academy is for the full tuition. TSA cannot cancel your unpaid obligations if you withdraw or if your student is administratively withdrawn.

Please be advised that a parent or student can cause TSA to administratively withdraw a student for their actions. We required that when one interacts with staff, teachers, and administrators, to treat each person with respect. Any issue can be resolved in a mutually respected environment.

Tuition Assistance is available in the form of payment plans with 0% Interest.

Tuition and fees are subject to go up without notice. Please check back for updates.

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